TAMA - SuMa Monde Financial Seminar: Exploring Money growing & saving Avenues

It is pretax time in the US, budget time for many organizations and the general public as well. TAMA and SuMa Monde Kapital Partners organized a need of the hour Financial seminar by expert Sudhir Pai on October 30th evening at Aachi Restaurant, Johns Creek. Though it was a working day, around 60 people turned out and listened to the experienced professional. Sudhir is an accomplished professional with over 30 years of experience. His knowledge is tremendous, explained many financial aspects and answered all the questions raised by attendees. He touched both sides of Money, whether it is growing or saving.Dinner was provided to the attendees. This is TAMA's 25th event in 2023, a milestone to cherish. Chess,Diwali and many more are going to happen in the coming days. For details visit www.tama.org or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. 

Chairman Subbarao Maddali welcomed everyone and introduced Sudhir Pai and Sharath Dasari, his partner. He elaborated on TAMA Free Clinic and the importance of financial aspects. President SaiRam detailed various TAMA activities, how useful they are and how to utilize them. Sudhir spoke about various aspects like, Tax planning, Wealth, Portfolio Management, Land Banking and Retirement planning. He explained how to save tax money by investing in the right places, what are parallel aspects to regular jobs, how to effectively use Roth IRA and venues of alternate wealth. He also talked about how to invest in Real estate smartly, opportunities presently available and elaborated on the Canton project. Overall, it was an interactive session and went for more than 2 hours. Board Secretary Madhu Yarlagadda,Treasurer Srinivas Uppu, Director Raghava Tadavarthi, Media Secretary Srinivas Ramisetty supported the event. Sharath is the person to contact, if interested. More details at www.SuMaMonde.com. TAMA staunch supporters and yesteryears leaders Mallik Medarametla, Sriram Royyala and TAMA team felicitated Sudhir and Sarath. President Elect Suresh Bandaru thanked professionals, volunteers, TAMA team, Aachi Restaurant and concluded the successful event.

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