Review Darshini: Sci-fi genre meets moral arcs

'Darshini' is a science-fiction thriller film produced by Dr. LV Suryam under the direction of Dr. Pradeep Allu. The latest theatrical release stars Vikas, Satya Prasad and Shanti in lead roles. V4 Cine Creations today released the film in theatres. Let's find out how the movie is.


Santosh (Vikas), Priya (Shanti) and Livingstone (Satya Prasad) are three best buddies who plan to enjoy a vacation at a farmhouse owned by Dr. Darshini. At the farmhouse, in a surreal turn of events, the trio chance upon a machine that streams the visuals pertaining to their future. What is going to happen on the next day of their lives is beamed on the monitor. Meanwhile, Dr Darshini goes missing, adding to the sense of suspense and intrigue. A police officer comes visiting the farmhouse on the pretext of patrolling the locality, leaving the trio in a state of tizzy. Whatever happened to Darshini? What is the mystery behind the time machine that knows their future? Who is the cop and how is his sister linked to the story? Will the trio of friends be able to escape the trap they are seemingly in?

Performances and Technical Departments:

Most of the scenes involve Vikas, Satya Prasad and Shanti. Vikas is good in the role of a possessive boyfriend who can't get enough of his lover. Shanti is nicknamed Tingari because she is too naive. On the other hand, Satya Prasad plays an overweight guy who becomes frozen at regular intervals and needs to use the stress ball as an antidote. The performances should have been more intriguing and in keeping with the sci-fi genre.

The rest of the cast members, including the artist who played the titular character, leave little impact.

The cinematography by Ravi Milky is not elevated by the sub-par production values. The film is edited by Praveen Jairaj and Chandu Chalamala, who thankfully don't stretch out any scenes. Nijani Anjan's songs would have worked in a film with better production values and stronger situations. The Background Score by Siva Prasad is basic.


Director Dr. Pradeep Allu comes equipped with a cerebral storyline that takes off as an entertainer and acquires heft as the story progresses. The female lead's character has a suspenseful arc. A male character who suffers from lust starts seeing his vice for what it is.

The film is a good spin on the sci-fi genre. The screenplay acquires the trappings of a techno-horror thriller as well, complete with a manipulated voice and mysterious CCTVs observing the trio of friends in a devious manner. The one invisible character makes its presence felt throughout. Dr. Darshini, who is presumably dead, foresaw her death. How is her thread linked to the cop who always seems to be on his toes? That's an interesting question the film explores.

The mood turns darker in the second half, where a brief scene in a jungle ratchets up the mystery element. The hidden motives of a character is another highpoint.

The film, however, is dragged down by the dysfunctional making values and the low quality of visuals.

Vox Verdict:

'Darshini' is a good spin on the sci-fi genre in terms of its story.

Rating: 2/5

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