Jaipur International Film Festival launches an international torch campaign

The Jaipur International Film Festival is in the news because its founder-director Hanu Roj has launched an international Torch Campaign to expand the horizons and marketing of Indian cinema, including the glowing Telugu cinema. Prasad Multiplex, an iconic address in Hyderabad, was the venue for the event.

Speaking on the occasion, Hanu Roj said that JIFF has been working hard to promote national and international cinema of the best quality. He added that a world-class movie library has been set up with the aim of bringing cutting-edge knowledge about art and cinema to the present and future generations.

Damodar Prasad, President of the Telugu Film Producers Council, said, "Hanu Roj has been tirelessly working to unite the world cinema, thanks to his immense love for movies. He is not an individual but a force."

T Prasanna Kumar, General Secretary of Telugu Film Producers Council, said, "Telugu cinema has grown from old-generation cinema to the new-age cinema catering to a global audience. Not only contemporary movies but also classics like 'Patala Bhairavi', 'Chandi Rani', and 'Mosagallaku Mosagadu', among others, deserved global fame." He hoped that the Nandi Awards would be resumed soon.

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