Nenu Student Sir Review : Nenu Stupid Sir

This student just scrapes through

'Nenu Student Sir' is produced by ‘Naandhi’ Satish Varma. The film is a thriller playing in theatres starting today. In this section, we are going to review the film.


Subbu is a young University student who is obsessed with owning an iPhone. He buys one after saving money rupee by rupee and by doing freelance jobs for 9 months. When he buys an iPhone (which he starts calling his kid brother), he least expects to lose it within a day. He suspects that the police department is the cause and approaches Commissioner Vasudevan for help.

In the process, Subbu gets embroiled in a mess because of two rival student groups.


Nobody acts like a professional artist in the movie. Bellamkonda Ganesh looks like he is still living in the universe of his first movie, 'Swathi Muthyam'. Avantika Dassani is a Hindi actress. Granted that she is not expected to know Telugu. But that doesn't mean the lip sync has to be so pathetic.

Samuthirakani is routine and that's an achievement in a film where actors are mediocre in a non-routine way. Sunil and Srikanth Iyengar get more space in the second half. 'Auto' Ramprasad as a student leader and Charandeep as a Sub-Inspector are boring.

Technical Departments:

Mahati Swara Sagar's background music is the film's only merit. Some sequences are saved by his score. Otherwise, the songs can be ignored without a trace of care. The cinematography and editing are outdated. The film's production values are lacklustre.


The premise is decent.

The exploration of a financial scam.

A few segments where the film becomes an investigative procedural.


The iPhone plot gives way to a generic cop story one time and a cat-and-mouse game another time. This arc had potential. But the writing is so simplistic that the plot starts to seem bizarre.

The hero behaving like a headless chicken in the first half and suddenly turning into a smart fellow in the second half.

Not-so-believable behavior by cops with respect to campus wars.

An ordinary romantic track wherein the heroine falls in love with the hero without any build-up or emotional attachment.

Laughable dialogues. The conversations between even the police commissioner and other cops lack professionalism.

Vox Verdict:

'Nenu Student Sir' would have worked with better craft. The writing is inadequate in the first half. The actual story begins in the second half. Some scenes are fairly engaging.

Rating: 2

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