Review Geethanjali Malli Vachindi: This horror-comedy deserves a watch!

'Geethanjali Malli Vachindi' is presented by Kona Venkat and produced by MVV Cinema and Kona Film Corporation. The horror-comedy is currently playing in theatres. Let's find out what the movie is about!


A bunch of friends (played by Satya, Srinivas Reddy, Shakalaka Shankar and Satyam Rajesh) are aspirants in the film industry. They receive a film offer from a passionate businessman in Ooty. The friends embark on their journey of making a horror-comedy with Anjali (Anjali), a coffee shop owner, as the female lead. The unit heads to Sangeet Mahal, a haunted bungalow where murders have taken place in the past on August 8 year after year. While the unit members don't know that the mansion is haunted, there is a backstory that only worsens their woes. How the unit navigates the unexpected twist in the tale is what the crux of the story is about.

Performances & Technical Departments:

The sequel to 'Geethanjali' (2014) is not heroine-centric. It is an ensemble film, so to speak. While Anjali has a crucial role, she is not at the centre of the plot. The comedy scenes, especially in the second half, are populated by a bevy of talented comedians who tickle the funny bone. Both Satya and Srinivas Reddy are a treat to watch. Sunil is seen as a cinematographer whose slapstick tryst with ghosts is hilarious as well.

Actor Ali, who has rarely been seen in major movies these days, plays a ventriloquist. Ravi Shankar plays a seething ghost with a regressive past. Rahul Madhav plays an estate owner.

Pravin Lakkaraju's background score is very good in some scenes. The songs work when seen in conjunction with the story. Sujatha Siddhartha's cinematography is decent. Chota K Prasad's editing is average. Narni Srinivas' art direction is a plus.

The quality of VFX and sound effects is worthy of mention. Don't expect groundbreaking visuals, though.


1. The casting is a major plus. While Satya and Sunil steal the show in many scenes, others go about their parts well.

2.The concept of pitting a well-meaning ghost against a bunch of maniacal ghosts is interesting.

3. A few comedy situations, despite being underpinned by cliches, click because of the smart writing and the familiarity with the 'Geethanjali' nostalgi.

4. The humour built around "method acting" is enjoyable.

5. The ghost-human interaction scenes in the second half are fun to watch.


1. Too many horror movie cliches.

2. The concept of a film within a film hasn't been explored well.

3. There is no nervous tension in terms of the unpredictability of the antagonist ghosts.

Vox Verdict:

Writer Kona Venkat and director Shiva Turlapati come with a template-ish horror-comedy that is saved by genuinely funny scenes, especially in the second half. The dialogues, the eccentric situations and the quirky plot-turns make this film an enjoyable watch.

Rating: 3/5

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