Review : Pareshan

Less comedy, more drama

Cast: Thiruveer, Pavani Karanam, Muralidhar Goud, Bunny Abiran, Sai Prasanna, Arjun Krishna, Shruti Riyan, Buddarakhan Ravi, Raju Bedigela and others
Director: Rupak Ronaldson
Producer: Siddharth Rallapalli
Music: Yashwanth Nag
Cinematography: Vasu Pendem
Editors: Hari Shankar TN & Rupak Ronaldson

Issac (played by Thiruveer) and his buddies are natives of a small Telangana hamlet. They are carefree young people who have little concern for their surroundings. They only get together to drink. Issac gives his friends Satthi and Paasha Rs 50,000 that his father gave him. Sirisha (played by Pavani Karanam) and Issac are madly in love. Issac discovers that Sirisha is pregnant and that he needs money to have an abortion performed. His friends now flee after failing to pay back the money. The remainder of this rural comedic drama is around Isaac's way of dealing these circumstances, his relationship with his father, and life in general.

In this film, we get to see all actors play rurals. Thiruveer as a man from a small town in Telangana did a good job. Be it the dialect or his careless attitude towards life and the romantic side of him, he managed to deliver all the emotions in the right way. His comedy timing is perfect.
On the other hand, his girlfriend, played by Pavani Karanam was cute as a village belle. Performance wise too she was fine and this is a good start to her career.
Muralidhar Goud plays father to Thiruveer and his performance is note worthy as a frustrated father who is too irked with his son’s behaviour and approach towards life and academics.
All the friends of Thiruveer including Bunny Abiran and Arjun Krishna in this movie are new comers and did a fairly good job as first timers.

A few comedy scenes
Thiruveer’s acting

Poor presentation
Lack of story
A routine village drama


This film, like many recent flicks, is also rooted in rooted in Telangana culture, however, with a twist of comedy. Although it doesn’t glorify the Telangana culture, it shows the lives of rural boys these days in villages and if you are a native of any village in Telangana, there are high chances of you being related to the film’s story.
We have some comedy in the first half of the film, however, overtime, you might get bored with the comedy too, but the love track set up was impressive, including the comedy that’s involved in the track.
As the movie gets going, the second half gets tiring with routine story, bland presentation.
Even the comedy looks forceful. Even a few serious scenes were tried to narrate in a funny way which will definitely not tickle your funny and in turn might vex you. The direction in the first half was fine, but second half was taxing. It feels as if the director ran out of content for second half and only to increase the movie’s time span, he infused some drama, comedy which doesn’t work as a whole. The director, just to stand true to the genre of the film, seems to have forgotten about the story and narration.
On the other hand, the dialogues in the movie were well-written. The music is an added advantage to the story. They gel well with the story. Cinematography was impressive, we get to see the village in the most beautiful way.

Vox Verdict

Less comedy more drama

Rating: 2/5

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