Spike in Pithapuram: Is It Vanga Geetha or Pawan Kalyan?

Now that the polling process has been wrapped up in Andhra Pradesh, the majority of the discussions are now about the prospects of certain candidates.

One such important constituency in the midst of things is Pithapuram.

If we observe the polling trend, there is a clear rise in voter participation in Pithapuram. This year, a whopping 86.87% turnout, up from 83.31% in 2019 and 79.45% in 2014.

The spike in the polling might either be a sign of a huge win for Vanga Geetha who is a local in Pithapuram or a minor victory for Pawan who relied entirely on TDP’s Varma for his election campaign.

Which way will the Pithapuram election campaign go? We must wait and watch.

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