BIG NEWS: Axis My India suggests 2019 Jagan wave

The 2019 Andhra Pradesh election is regarded as a historic feat and a once in a lifetime event where Jagan Mohan Reddy's YCP was voted to power with 151 MLA seats and 22 MP seats.

While TDP hoped to bank on the anti incumbency factor that not many believed existed, the latest finding of the Axis My India survey shows that the odds are clearly in favor of the YSR Congress outfit again.

According to the latest update from Axis My India, the ruling party YSRC is clearly in the lead again in the AP polling trends. In the live interview that was aired on India Today, the same was confirmed.

"There will be no major changes to the polling patterns in AP" the findings of the Axis My India survey report read which means that the Jagan-led party is in a supremely commanding position again.

Though there is skepticism on whether or not Jagan's party would win 140+ MLA seats in the election, the firm belief is that the party would certainly form the government with whatever seats it gets above the magic figure of 88 MLA seats.

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