Sad: Balakrishna becomes JSP Gumastha

Nandamuri Balakrishna comes from a rich lineage. His father, legendary Sr NTR was the chief minister of united Andhra Pradesh and is widely regarded as the greatest actor of all time in Telugu cinema.

But now, Balakrishna has been reduced to a bare gumastha of JanaSena party as he did something unexpected and shockingly unlike him today.

Earlier today, Balakrishna took part in a meeting with JSP leaders in Hindupur and later interacted with the public. He was seen wearing a JSP kanduva on his shoulder which isn't expected by many.

Balakrishna was seen wearing a kanduva that had an image of Pawan Kalyan. This has led to a heated discussion on social media. Many are shocked by the fact that Balakrishna, who won multiple times as an MLA and is a respected politician, has been reduced to nothing as he is wearing JSP kanduva with Pawan's photo who doesn't have an address in AP politics.

Balakrishna even shouted "Jai JanaSena slogan" which is even more shocking. The son of Sr NTR, the founder of TDP shouting a slogan of another party is shocking everyone.

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