Nara Lokesh Disappeared: What happened?

Telugu Desam Party kept projecting Nara Lokesh as the face of the party despite his obvious shortcomings like the defeat from Mangalagiri in his first ever election, despite serving as a minister with three portfolios.

However, the biggest mistake from Lokesh came when he left the party cadre and family members and flew off to Delhi after his father Chandrababu Naidu was arrested.

Now, just months before the elections season in Andhra Pradesh, Lokesh has completely disappeared. He is nowhere to be seen in the political scene in AP. He is not even making public statements or coming in front of the media.

Lokesh vowed to fight for the truth and help his father's cause while the latter was jailed. And immediately after CBN was let out on bail, Lokesh disappeared completely. With CBN down with eye surgery and Lokesh unavailable, TDP is looking for strong leadership to carry the troops forward. This has led to a tense situation inside the party.

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