Shocking: EC seizes most money in Telangana ahead of polls

Five Indian states are heading for elections and the most prominent name on the list is Telangana, given the obvious connections and affiliations. Shockingly enough, Telangana is seeing the highest upsurge of black money distribution when compares to the other states which are also heading for the election.

As per the latest data complied based on the records submitted to the Central Election Commission, the most amount of cash amongst the five Telugu states has been seized in Telangana.

Telangana: Rs. 659.2 Crore
Rajasthan: Rs. 650.7 Crore
Madhya Pradesh: Rs. 323.7 Crore
Chhattisgarh: Rs. 76.9 Crore
Mizoram: Rs. 49.6 Crore

Telangana has seen the most action with regard to money distribution as a whopping Rs 659 crores have been seized till now and the number will only go up with the election to be held on 30 November.

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