Telangana Polls: Will GHMC wake up?

Telangana elections are around the corner with the polling to be held in 10 days from now - 30 November and the counting to be held on the 3rd of December.

Now the discussion is about the GHMC area which has been recording alarmingly low voting percentage for the last few years. The polling percent here for the 2018 assembly election was a shocking 50.86% which is a shockingly low tally for a city which earmarks the progress of Telangana as a state.

KTR has now reached out to the urbane voters and pushed them to take part in the polling without fail. "I thank each one of you for your strong support , encouragement and unwavering faith expressed through your interactions here. A resounding affirmation that @BRSparty under the leadership of KCR has reached newer heights in Telangana in the past nine years. And we have more things to accomplish in the future.

I urge all those who are eligible, to come out on 30th November and cast your vote. It is important that you participate and take a stand. Data suggests that voter turnout is less than 50% in the urban areas. You have the power of choice here , irrespective of who you choose - please do come out and vote. Also encourage the ones around you do their civic duty. I’ll leave you with quote by Larry J Sabato “Every Election is determined by the people who show up”. Every vote counts. Please show up!"

The government of Telangana has also assured a paid leave to all employees on the 30th of this month and this is a positive enforcement to encourage a good polling percentage. But will Hyderabad wake up and ensure a good polling percentage? We shall wait and see.

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