Does Rashmika Mandanna want to join BJP?: Netizens

Rashmika Mandanna has no overt political ambitions. But many are wondering if she wants to join the BJP after she said that she is amazed at the pace of infrastructural growth in India in the last ten years. She specifically praised the Mumbai Trans-Harbour Link in an interview with ANI.

The 'Pushpa' actress said in the interview that India is not stopping anywhere. She described India's growth in the last ten years as "freaking brilliant". LiveMint quoted her as saying that the infrastructure, especially on the road planning front, is "just brilliant".

"I think now it's our time! I just got to know that it's all done in seven years, and it's 20 km. It's amazing! Look at it. I am speechless, honestly," the 'Animal' actress told ANI.

Netizens are of the opinion that she wants to be the next Kangana Ranaut. For years, Kangana lauded Narendra Modi before joining the BJP recently. She is a BJP MP candidate this election season.

Rashmika may well have shared her sincere opinion about what she thinks is right. But given how polarized the political discourse in the country is, she can't escape labelling by Netizens, can she?