Official! Amaravati ORR project approved by Modi government

The Centre on Tuesday had good news for the people of Andhra Pradesh. The Amaravati Outer Ring Road Expressway project has been approved by the government of India.

This will be an 189-km ORR expressway to be constructed at an estimated cost of Rs 25,000 crore. "The central government will cover the entire cost, including land acquisition," concerned authorities said.

Six years ago, the project’s estimated construction cost was Rs 17,761 crore. About Rs 4,198 crore was estimated to be the budget for land acquisition.

While the big-ticket infra project will boost connectivity with different parts of Andhra Pradesh, the economic growth potential will be limited in the short run. While the NDA government might advertise the project as a milestone, and the ruling TDP in the state will brag about it, the fact remains that basic infra development is still a dream in Amaravati. ORR is something that should not be the overarching priority when Amaravati has yet to move the needle on so many other pressing areas.

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