Kidney racket in Guntur exposed by auto driver's complaint

An auto-rickshaw driver named G Madhu Babu from Guntur has come forward to expose a kidney racket in Andhra Pradesh. Babu, the victim, said that he donated one of his kidneys a month ago after a broker promised to pay him Rs 30 lakh. However, he has received only a fraction of the promised amount - a mere one lakh rupees.

"I made the decision out of desperation," Babu said. "I was in deep debt due to failed businesses. I heard that donating an organ could be financially rewarding. I searched for potential clients on Facebook and came across a website seeking kidneys with specific blood types. Then, I received a call from someone named Basha from Vijayawada."

Babu continued, "I went to Vijayawada, where I was introduced to a mediator named Venkat. They introduced me to a patient, and we underwent blood tests and cross-matching. They provided me with a new address and created fake documents to make it seem like I was a family friend of the patient. Last month, on the 15th, I underwent surgery. After the surgery, they refused to pay me, claiming that since I was portrayed as a family friend, the organ donation wasn't commercial."

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