Facts: TDP's senseless talk on polling percentage

There is a general consensus that an increase in the polling percentage means there is anti incumbency against the current government. But this isn't always the case and there are even times when the ruling parties have gotten into safe zone thanks to the additional vote turnout.

Here are bare facts related to the same.

Vote % in Andhra Pradesh Assembly

2004 - 69.8%
2009 - 72.7%

A increase of 2.9% but still Congress won.

Vote % in Telangana Assembly

2014 - 69.5%
2018 - 73.2%

A increase of 3.6% but still TRS won.

So, TDP troopers crying foul on the added polling and saying that there is a whole lot of anti incumbency doesn't make any sense. The increased poll turnout can also mean that the public wants the ruling party to stay in power at all costs. The same could be the case with YCP and the AP polling trends.

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