Public Humiliation: CBN must sit in house?

It is no secret that Telugu Desam Party chief Chandrababu Naidu always lacks in public support. He has absolutely zero connect with the common folk which was clearly seen when the TDP was humiliated in the public mandate when the party was restricted to mere 23 seats in the last term's election.

But sadly for Chandrababu, even during the election season, when the crowd polarization is comparatively easier, he is unable to attract the desired crowds for his events.

There is a viral video on social media and it has Chandrababu Naidu putting on a disaster feast as he takes part in a roadshow as a part of his election campaign.

Apart from the TDP funded volunteers, there are absolutely zero crowds for the event. A few people are energetically shouting while recording the video in the camera, but other than that, there is zero interest from the common public.

The lacklustre public reception is to a degree where people are not even turning back and looking at Chandrababu. This is the kind of humiliation that Naidu is experiencing in this campaign. Perhaps it is time for him to end all this fuss and simply sit in his house at least as a face saving act.

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