Congress releases list of candidates for legislative assembly elections in Andhra

The Indian National Congress has released a list of 114 candidates for the upcoming legislative assembly elections in Andhra Pradesh. The list was released by the AICC on Tuesday, April 2, 2024. The state is heading for the Lok Sabha and Legislative Assembly elections on May 13, 2024, according to the official announcement by the Election Commission of India.

In its official list released by the AICC, it is said that “The central Election Committee has selected the following candidates for the ensuing elections to the legislative assembly of Andhra Pradesh.”

Some of the candidates include M Chakravarthi Reddy from Ichchapuram, M Trinadh Babu from Palasa, K Venkata Rao from Pathapatnam, P Nagabhushan Rao from Srikakulam, Kadiri Bhavani from Kanigiri, Ch Sreedhara Reddy from Atmakur, N Mohan from Kovur, A Govindarajulu from Kuppam among others.

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