Samudra's pan-Indian 'Varadaraju Govindam' is a multi-lingual like 'Kantara', 'HanuMan': Hero Suman

V Samudra, who has directed super hit movies like Simharashi, Siva Ramaraju, Evadaithe Nakenti, etc., is recently producing "Varadaraju Govindam" under the banners of Vijayalakshmi under the banners of Sivamahateja Films and V. Samudra Movies, with Ravi Jangu as the hero and Preeti Kongana as the heroine.

Film has no language boundaries. A film can be made anywhere with anyone and can be released at pan India level. That is why this film was made as a Pan India film in six languages. After completing the shooting, the post-production activities are underway and the film is getting ready for release in August.

Meanwhile, the Pre-release event of this movie was held on June 9 at Hyderabad Prasad Labs among film celebs and well-wishers. This program was attended by famous hero Suman, actor Shubhalekha Sudhakar, hero Ravi Jangu, heroine Preeti Kongana, famous directors Raylangi Narasimha Rao, Muppalaneni Siva, Chandramahesh, Ravikumar Chaudhary, Shivanagu, Nagesh Naradasi, Gosangi Subbarao, Ammarajasekhar, Producers Council Secretary T. Prasanna Kumar, Chamber Secretary K. Yal. Damodara Prasad, Producers KK Radhamohan, DS Rao, Sobharani, Actors Dasanna, Qadeer, Johar, Music Director Dr. Ravi Shankar, cameraman Sri Venkat, co-producers Srihari Tummeti, Gymkhana Koteswarao, etc. participated and director and producer V. Samudra welcomed them with bouquets.

Later, all the directors launched the motion poster of 'Varadaraju Govindam' and all the producers released the teaser together. Popular producer KK Radha Mohan said.. "I made the first film under our banner with Samudra as director of the film. From there I have produced 14 films till now. Samudra means Passion and determination. He does everything with perfect planning. He is involved in all the departments of the production. He himself became the producer and made this film. The teaser is very good. The movie will also be a hit. I want to do another movie with Samudra," he said.

Hero Suman said, lIf the movie strongly wants to be a hit, it will definitely happen. Everyone who came here came with love for Samudra. Everyone blessed the movie to be a hit. It's guaranteed to be a hit. I played an important role in this film. Samudra is always smiling on the sets like a tireless worker and has directed this film brilliantly. Hero Ravi and heroine Preeti made beautiful pair. The posters and teaser are superb. This movie should become a super hit like Kantara and Hanuman".

Shubhalekha Sudhakar said "Bhagwat Gita means India. India means Bhagwat Gita is the main purpose of this film. I played an important character in this film. He said it will be a hit.

Director Producer V. Samudra said, "We have made this film with Krishna in the background. Like Yntr and Ravi Teja, hero Ravi Jangu has done it energetically. This movie will be a good break for him. Heroine Preeti cooperated well and did a wonderful job. My thanks to all the artists and technicians who supported me. This is a very great story. India will be proud of the film. In my career, Simharashi, Shivarama Raju, Evadaithe Nakenti have become big hits, this film will also be a blockbuster hit," he said.

KL Damodar Prasad said, "Nowadays movies are all cost failures. It would be good to see if Samudra did well on 24 crafts. Samudra is a director who makes a film without wastage. The teaser is fantastic. Visuals are all good. I want this film to be a big hit for Samudra".

Hero Ravi Jangu said, "I have done movies in Hindi, Haryani and Assamese. My dream is to do a movie in Telugu. Samudra garu believed in me and gave me a chance in this movie. The movie turned out very well. This movie will be a good break for me as a hero.

Heroine Preeti Kongana said, "I have done a good character in this film. Thanks to Samudra for giving me such a good chance."

Music director Dr. Ravi Shankar said, "Songs are composed according to the story. RR has a good scope. This film will be a good turning point for me".

All the directors said, "The teaser of Varadaraju Govindam movie is very good. The movie is also going to be amazing. Samudra worked very hard to make this movie.. All the guests wanted this movie to be a good break for everyone.

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