After the entry of the IT sector to Hyderabad, which is known as the city of pearls, IT products and IT services have placed the city with pride on the world map. Soon, the city of Hyderabad might become a hub for Apple's AirPods too!

Well, this may be true since Foxconn company has recently taken over the manufacturing contract of Apple AirPods. So far, the company has been producing semiconductors as well as iPhones. Since the company has also won the bid for the production of AirPods belonging to the Apple company, the next question is whether this company will take up their production.

A leading media organization Reuters has revealed an interesting fact about this adding that the company which has been manufacturing Air Pods from China till now is expected to commence the entire production of these popular products from Hyderabad.

The chairman of Foxconn recently visited Hyderabad and commended the government's efforts. It is now being speculated that Foxconn will soon be able to manufacture air pods at the site allotted by the government at Kongara Kalan in the suburbs of Hyderabad. If it becomes true, it is a great honour for Telangana's industry friendly policies.

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