CAG Audit On Kaleshwaram: KCR's Unviable Plan Exposed

Comptroller and Audit General of India has revealed its report on the super costly Kaleswharam irrigation project commenced by the Telangana government, previously led by CM KCR.

The report instates that the Kaleswharam project is an economically unviable investment that has costed the state exchequer a lot more than the designated gains it could possibly garner.

The Kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation Project is now anticipated to cost more than Rs 1,47,427.41 crore, with the capital cost of irrigation coming out to Rs 6.42 lakh per acre, in contrast to the Rs 81,911.01 crore projected cost to the Central Water Commission.

The Benefit-Cost Ratio (BCR) of the project was inflated. Even with the understated project cost of Rs 81,911.01 crores, the ratio is at 0.75 which makes it highly unviable in terms of investments and proposed returns or gains.

Adding to that, it is primarily unearthed that nearly 2500 crore rupees were costed due to the unviable permits that were granted to the contractors without assessing their prospects.

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