Delhi Airport Roof Collapse: Ram Mohan Naidu says issue is 'serious'

Earlier today, the roof at Terminal 1 of the Delhi airport collapsed, leaving one dead. Four others were injured in the incident. The pictures of the cab driver who was crushed to death are being circulated on the Internet.

Union Minister of Civil Aviation Ram Mohan Naidu Kinjarapu has announced a compensation of Rs 20 lakh for the deceased. He also said that Rs 3 lakh will be given for the injured. Meanwhile, Spicejet and Indigo have canceled the operations. He added that the issue would be taken seriously.

The BJP said that the part of Terminal 1 that collapsed was inaugurated way back in 2009. "That was when the Congress-led UPA was in power. In those days, there was no concept of quality check and contracts were given to whoever sent the biggest kickback to the ruling Congress. Sonia Gandhi, who was then the super PM, must answer," Amit Malviya of the BJP said.

"The incident should be all about the company managing the airport," wrote a Netizen, demanding accountability.