Shocking! Top pollster claims Muslim women are voting for BJP

Pradeep Gupta, the Chairman and MD of Axis My India, is well-regarded in political circles. It is said that his exit poll numbers reach Prime Minister Narendra Modi, BJP chief JP Nadda and Amit Shah after each phase of voting. His polling agency's numbers are taken seriously by the BJP top brass, the gossip in media circles goes.

Appearing on India Today, Pradeep Gupta has asserted with confidence that the women voters of a particular community (read Muslim) are voting differently than the men of their community. In other words, Muslim women are voting for the BJP in a lot of Lok Sabha constituencies.

While the pollster didn't elaborate much, it is safe to assume that he was talking mostly about the BJP strongholds like Uttar Pradesh rather than Telangana and Karnataka.

If what he is saying holds true, the ground has entirely shifted and Modi is going to shock the entire secular-liberal establishment on June 4. The Congress party and the rest of the INDI Alliance partners will be in for a rude shock.

Doubts, however, linger. It is unlikely that Muslim women are opening up to pollsters about their voting preferences. Given their social condition, Muslim women don't make risky political preferences known to anybody even in private. How then is Axis My India able to read the mood?