Dharmana Prasada Rao, a senior minister in YCP and leader of Srikakulam district, the most backward of Uttarandhra districts, has won overall. Well, it is not him personally winning. Nartu Rama Rao, a YCP candidate who was nominated by him, won the election quota of the state bodies.

Dharmana, who had insisted on getting a ticket for dancer Rama Rao, had to negotiate with Jagan and faced the real test after that. Srikakulam district has a total of 776 votes. YCP members hold one hundred percent strength in the local organizations but there was a challenge from another strong East Kapu community for the MLC seat.

But Dharmana, who had given the seat to the Yadava community, faced a challenge in the form of an independent. Finally, in the election held on 13th of this month, out of 776 voters in the district, 233 in Srikakulam revenue division, 149 in Palakonda, 161 in Tekkali, 209 in Verasi revenue division and 752 voters exercised their right to vote.

After the counting of votes, YCP candidate Nartu Rama Rao got 632 votes and independent candidate Ramakrishna got 108 votes. Dharmana breathed a sigh of relief at this development. This is his way of proving his loyalty to Jagan, by fully managing the polling process with skill and foresight.

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