TDP chief Chandrababu is trying his best to come to power in the next elections in Andhra Pradesh.  On the other hand, Nara Lokesh started a 4 thousand km long padayatra in the name of Yuvagalam. His padayatra is currently going on in Annamayya district even as it seems certain that TDP will contest with Janasena in the next elections.

All the TDP leaders want an alliance with the Jana Sena party. In this regard, Pawan Kalyan also indirectly said that there will be an alliance with TDP on the occasion of Janasena party's founding day. But despite this TDP is creating troubles for itself due to some hasty actions recently. It is known that a few days ago, the criticism of Chandrababu Nara Lokesh by Gannavaram MLA Vallabhaneni Vamsi has caused controversy.

Following this, TDP official spokesperson Kommareddy Pattabhiram and others went to Gannavaram to condemn Vamsi's comments, where YSRCP workers set fire to the TDP office, workers of both parties got into a fight and the police arrested TDP leaders. But Kommareddy alleged that the police beat him in the police station wearing masks and taking out the lights. He also showed the injuries related to this to the media. A magazine close to TDP has published some photos as its front-page banner claiming that Kommareddy was beaten by the police. However, the TDP was heavily criticized saying that these photos are not from the present.

As a result, three employees working in the magazine were sacked. YCP social media also trolled TDP severely whose leaders asked the police to take action against the TDP leaders on that magazine and punish them severely for spreading false propaganda. The TDP affair has boomeranged in the case of Kommareddy. Recently, the same newspaper published an article that CM Jagan did not invite Governor Abdul Nazir during the AP Assembly meetings and that the Governor had to wait until the CM came. TDP leader Payyavula Keshav has raised this matter which also boomeranged. The ruling party showed in the assembly along with video clips that CM Jagan has invited the Governor.  With such hasty actions, the magazine is undermining TDP further among the people.

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