Interview: 'Bahumukham' director-producer Harshiv Karthik

'Bahumukham', billed to be a psychological suspense drama full of twists and turns, stars actor-editor-writer-producer Harshiv Karthik in the lead. Ahead of the 90-minute-long film's release in theatres on April 5, Harshiv (who hails from Vizag and has worked as a software consultant in Atlanta for years), interacted with the Hyderabad-based media on Tuesday.


There is a reason the film's tagline is 'Good, Bad & The Actor'. I play an aspiring actor who is subjected to a particular experience when he auditions for a role. My character is complex and layered. You will understand why I am describing it as such when you watch the movie.

This is a psychological drama in the true sense of the term. I didn't infuse psychological elements without a context. I spoke with psychology experts to understand the nuances of the human psyche. The root of the story is traceable to my own extreme passion for acting.

Before making this feature-length film, I made a short film. That was like a portfolio project. When I realized that producers were not ready to back my vision fully, I decided to invest my own money.

The film has been shot in Atlanta, Macon, Canton, and Georgia. It was done with the support of a small but driven crew that showed dedication throughout. I got to sleep hardly for a few hours during the making. I had to handle as many as 15 departments.

Phani Kalyan has set the songs to tune. Composer Sricharan Pakala agreed to do background score only after he learned about the story and my dedication towards the craft.

I want to do an action drama as my second feature-length film. I won't be handling too many departments for sure.

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