Japanese government launches a dating app!

Imagine a government launching a dating app! Sounds bizarre, right? But that's what the Japanese government has proudly done. The aim is to enable marriages among youngsters at a time when birth rates have plunged in the country.

"Users will have to undergo a thorough registration process which will require them to submit documentation to prove they are legally single and sign a letter confirming their willingness to get married," reported The Independent.

To promote marraiges in Japan through dating apps and other initiatives, the the Tokyo Metropolitan government has earmarked more than 500m yen.

The move has been welcomed by Elon Musk of X. "If radical action isn't taken, Japan and many other countries will disapear," he wrote. "Given that commercial for-profit dating apps are scams full of fake profiles, it makes sense for the government to step in and create a dating app that's designed to benefit society and is not about greed. We need this in the US too," an American Netizen wrote.

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