Netizens troll classical dance video of Mukesh Ambani's daughter-in-law

A video clip of Anant Ambani's wife Radhika Merchant giving a Bharata Natyam performance has gone viral on social media. And many Netizens, who claim to have been trained in the classical dance form, feel that the daughter-in-law of Mukesh Ambani is poor with her performance.

"She is not using normal body language and not the language of bharatnatyam in terms of the Mudras. Her facial expressions are not in the signature navarasa. Her feet are not following the basic taal. Even walking backwards like that has a certain posture, strength, taal and rules to follow. Even her bend forward is so weak, and un-bharatanatyam like. The dance is about geometry, strength, mudras and language. She has NONE. Also her knees bending forward like that?? Big no go. If the knees are bent, it's always aramandi. Or bending at the waist," explained a Netizen who has been trained in the dance form.

"As a trained Bharatnatyam dancer, this is just terrifying. The posture, the pose, the hand gestures, the movements - everything is absolutely wrong," another Netizen ranted.

"Pataka mudra? Aramandi? Usage of eyebrows in Adbhuta rasa? Bhakti-Bhaav on face? Babe! You won't do Bharatnatyam by wearing the right costume. It's just fancy dress competition you are participating in," an angry Twitter user opined.

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