'7:11 PM', which is a July 7th theatrical release, will hold its US premieres on July 6. The sci-fi and action film will be screened for the audience on a number of screens, whose list has been put out.

Producers Naren Yanamadala, Madhuri Ravipati, and Vani Kanneganti are happy about the planning that is going into the release of the film both in the domestic market (India) and overseas. Cities such as Delafield, Franklin, Appleton, Columbus, Omaha, Iowa City, Fargo, St. Peters, Rochester, Addison, Hartford and Fremon will screen the movie along with premieres.

The film's US release is by Sarigama Cinemas.

Starring Saahas and Deepika in layered roles, this Chaitu Madala-directed experimental movie has a thrilling drama straddling Hamsaladeevi and Melbourne. The story spans many years. Extraterrestrial humans, hoodlums and romantic characters animate the film, if the recently-released trailer is any indication. The cinematography is by Siva Shankar and Fabio Capodivento.

7 11

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