Review OMG (O Manchi Ghost): Just for physical comedy

'OMG (O Manchi Ghost)', produced by Markset Networks Productions, was released in theatres this Friday. Dr. Abinika Inabathuni has bankrolled the horror-comedy. Let's find out what the film has in store:


At the outset, we are introduced to four different youngsters who are hard-pressed for money for different reasons: Chaitanya (Rajat Ragava), Pavuram (Shakalaka Shankar as a self-styled 'mantrik'), Raziya (Navami Gayak as a Muslim woman who has escaped an attempt at a forced marriage), and Lakshman (Naveen Neni). Since they have the numbers on their side, they believe that they can pull off a high-profile kidnap and make loads of money that can solve their problems. Their naivete puts them in the path of two ghosts. The first ghost is the one possessing the kidnapped woman, Keerthi (Nandita Swetha). And the second ghost is a mystery creature inhabiting the deserted mansion they willingly walk towards. Will they survive the ordeal?


The film is helped by a talented set of artists. Vennela Kishore, Shakalaka Shankar, Nandita Swetha, Navami Gayak and the rest of the bunch do a good job. You can feel the tension building as the characters encounter creepy situations, one after another. But then, a witty line or a character's absurd reaction cuts the tension with laughter.

Despite a not-so-strong writing in the second half, the cast brings the script to life with their conviction. You will find yourself rooting for the characters, even if they make silly decisions.

Technical Departments:

While Anup Rubens provides the sonic scares and I Andrew Babu's cinematography grounds the film, the team truly shines behind the scenes. MR Varma's editing could have been sharp. The art direction doesn't always bring the spooky atmosphere to life. Overall, the production values could have been better.


How about ghosts who sing and dance? Director Shankar K Marthand gives a serious thought to this idea and builds an entertaining story around it. While the tone of the film remains consistent, the comedic episodes are not impeccable.

Everything in this world is about money. This is the cynical theme of a song that comes early on in the film. And this is the theme that rounds up the film. This aspect could have been explored philosophically in the course of the second half. The aspect of greed has nothing to do with the backstory narrated in the second half.

We have a ghost who is triggered by a particular type of crime. The entry of a new thug with a criminal history spices up the proceedings. Meanwhile, a human is mistaken for a ghost.

The film could have avoided sexualizing the ghosts. This is an over-exploited trop in horror-comedies. It was attempted by a naive character in some film and, ever since, the idea has been rehashed time and again.

Vox Verdict:

'O Manchi Ghost' is a watchable gag-fest. Despite its been-there-done-that feel, it is watchable because the comedians do the heavy-lifting. 

Rating: 2.5/5

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