Review Tillu Square: A blockbuster sequel!

'Tillu Square' stars Siddu Jonnalagadda in the lead. Directed by Mallik Ram, it has been produced by Sithara Entertainments and Fortune Four Cinemas. What is in store in the film? Let's find out!


DJ Tillu has reached a higher socio-economic status compared to a year ago. He is now not only a mini celeb in the town but is also a sought-after wedding planner. A year after a fatal tryst with Radhika (Neha Shetty), he is in a comfortable space of his own after having successfully covered up a murder. Or, so he thinks.

Lilly enters his life, befriends him at a pub, tricks him into making out with her, and claims to have become pregnant. When pre-marital pregnancy is the starting point of a relationship in our movies, it is obvious that there is a trap right in front of the victim. Tillu gets mired in a scandal of international proportions once Lilly reveals her cards. How he plans his own escape (much like in 'DJ Tillu') is what the second half is about.


Siddu Jonnalagadda approaches the role with self-awareness. Even at the cost of sounding repetitive, he follows the style, demeanour and attitude of his character from the first part. Tillu's brief is to get into trouble, curse himself all the time and make the audience laugh. He is a flamboyant clown waiting for his turn at becoming a flashy Sherlock Holmes.

A taller heroine would have made Lilly look more believable. It is not like Anupama Parameswaran's relatively stature is a minus in itself. She is reinventing herself as a glamorous actress. Full props to her for surrendering to the script and giving her best.

Neha Shetty's cameo was not meaningless. Prince Cecil is funny. Muralidhar Goud, as Tillu's flustered father with a Piles problem, is routine. Murali Sharma's character acquires prominence in the second part of the second half.

Technical Departments:

Composer Ram Miriyala's 'Ticket Eh Konakunda' gets a cute picturization, with Tillu's cynical alter ego turning up to warn himself. Bheems Ceciroleo's background score is not too loud even though the tone of the film could have tempted him to raise the decibels.

Cinematographer Sai Prakash Ummadisingu, editor Navin Nooli and the rest of the technical team make the film seem like a complete product.


1. The storyline is on unexpected lines. While the plot is not that unique, it is interesting to watch the lovable and vulnerable Tillu placed in a familiar yet deadly context.

2. The dialogues are hilarious, especially in the second half. The conversations are dominated by repartees and punchy wisecracks.

3. It was nothing short of an achievement that the crime comedy was written with a focus on the reactions of just one character. The film is held together by how Tillu reacts to his misfortunes.

4. The production values by Sithara Entertainments are worthy of appreciation.

5. The songs have been placed well even though the run-time is a little less than 128 minutes.

6. Introducing Anupama's character early into the film was intelligent. Otherwise, Tillu would have been over-indulged by the film.

7. References to films like 'Masooda' and 'KGF' have unique contexts. They are not used just like that.


1. An episode in the first half echoes a riotous episode from 'DJ Tillu'. It is not a cleverly-written stretch.

2. The crime plot is generic.

Vox Verdict:

'Tillu Square' is enjoyable. Going by the early box-office trends evident this Friday, it is going to be a blockbuster sequel.

Rating: 3.5/5

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