Rating: 1/5

Banner: Rana Productions

Cast: Vishal, Sunaina, Prabhu, Ramana, Thalaivasal Vijay, Master Lirish Raghav and others

Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja

Cinematography: Thota Balakrishna, Balasubramaniem

Director: A Vinoth Kumar

Producers: Ramana, Nandha Durairaj

Release date: Dec 22nd, 2022

Tamil hero Vishal has been trying real hard to make a mark in the Telugu circuit since a while and after his hit ‘Pandem Kodi’ things didn’t really go his way. This time, he has arrived with a cop flick so let us see if it has worked or not.


Muralikrishna (Vishal) is an honest police constable and he specializes in lockup treatment using the Latthi (stick). However, he gets suspended during one such incident and is brought back to duty by recommendation of DIG Kamal (Prabhu). But, the DIG also has a favor to ask. He wants Muralikrishna to use the same Latthi treatment on Veera (Ramana) a hardcore criminal who wants to join politics. What happens from there forms the rest.


Vishal looks exceptionally muscular and his brawn fits the character. However, he still needs to work on expressions when it comes to emotional sequences. Sunaina was decent. Prabhu was brief. Lirish was cute and expressive. Ramana looked menacing and his character was nice. The others didn’t have much to do.


Both the background score and songs couldn’t register an impact. Incidentally, the background score had scope to be done better in few scenes but that didn’t happen. Screenplay was poor and plot was age old. Editing could have been better in the second half. Production values are good. Costumes and art department were decent. Dialogues were okay.


Vishal’s performance and screen presence

Interval bang

First half


Outdated plot

Second half

Lack of depth in characters

Deeper Look

There is no doubt that Vishal is quite keen to prove his mettle as a hero and no questions asked on his commitment but not sure why he is not able to choose a story that has content. Doing cop roles has become a thing for Vishal and this is the umpteenth time he has donned the Khaaki. In fact, police flicks always have a strong scope for elevation, emotional engagement but Vishal has failed to deliver it yet again. The film takes off on a decent note and few scenes in the first half were engaging, the interval bang was also good. However, the second half goes for a major downslide and barring few scenes in the climax the entire output is a letdown. The major culprit here is the writing. It was too Vishal oriented with nothing left for the others. Even the plot per se didn’t have great logic. The attempt to lace emotions with the story is appreciated but it was not conceived properly onscreen. Overall, the film will go down the box office as a dampener.

Vox Verdict

Headache blow to the audience!

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