Review Eagle: Slick execution adorns this action drama

'Eagle' is this week's biggest release in terms of the number of theatres. Starring Ravi Teja in the lead, it is produced by People Media Factory. Let's find out where the film works and where it doesn't:


In the Talakona forest area, Sahadev Varma (Ravi Teja) lives in a fortress. Apparently, he runs a mill and protects a mining area from falling into the wrong hands. When a brave journalist named Nalini (Anupama Parameswaran) arrives on the scene, it is revealed that the Indian government, rogue Naxals and Pakistan-backed terrorists are after him. What is Sahadev's past? Why is he called Eagle? What was his profession? How did a tryst with a soft-spoken, lovely woman named Rachana (Kavya Thapar) change the course of the story? That's the crux of the story.


In the initial half, Ravi Teja's dialogue opportunities are limited. Adopting a style reminiscent of 'KGF', the narrative skillfully shrouds Eagle/Sahadev in mystery, portraying him as a force to be reckoned with. Nevertheless, glimpses of Ravi Teja's signature Mass Maharaja persona shine through intermittently. Notably, he delivers a couple of action sequences with finesse, reminiscent of his stamina in 'Krack'.

Anupama Parameswaran showcased her talent in 'Kartikeya 2', and her portrayal here echoes a similar level of impact. However, Kavya Thapar's potential could have been better capitalized upon. Ajay Ghosh and Srinivas Reddy contribute to the humor quotient with their performances, eliciting laughs here and there. Navdeep assumes the role of Eagle's lieutenant, while Srinivas Avasarala portrays a RAW officer.

Technical Departments:

Davzand, a newcomer, has taken charge of composing both the songs and the BGM. While the songs receive a lukewarm reception, the BGM gains traction, particularly due to the meticulous sound design process spanning over six months. The film boasts contributions from three cinematographers (one of whom is the film's writer-director himself), ensuring a visually neat experience without any compromise in the visual palette. Alongside their commendable camera work, Srinagendra Tangala's adept production design enhances the overall quality of the film.


1. Stylized action scenes.

2. Hero elevation dialogues (written by Manibabu Karanam). At times, the film is too verbose, though.

3. The first scene involving the characters played by Ravi Teja and Ajay Ghosh.

4. The action block set in a godown-like place in the first half.

5. An action block featuring machine guns in the second half.

6. The final 20-minute stretch.


1. The central message against illegal arms and the proliferation of guns across the globe hasn't been delivered well. The audience is made to believe that the issue is something else during the first half.

2. Some convenient stretches remind us of the inspiration from the 'KGF' movies.

Vox Verdict:

'Eagle' is way better than almost all of the recent Ravi Teja outings barring 'Dhamaka' and 'Krack'. Watch it for its focussed narration and slick execution. People Media Factory revs up the film with superb production values.

Rating: 3/5


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