The Trial Review: Fairly intelligent although a bit convenient

'The Trial' stars Spandana Palli, Yug Raam, and Vamsi Kottu in lead roles. With Raam Ganni wielding the megaphone, the thriller hits the screens this Friday (November 24). Here is our study of the film:


SI Rupa (Spandana Palli) comes under the radar of a cop named Rajeev (Vamsi Kotu) after her husband Ajay (Yug Raam) is found dead under mysterious circumstances. While the investigator believes that Ajay's was a case of murder by Rupa, the suspect claims otherwise. Will a marathon interrogation, involving two different perspectives and a diary full of entries, help solve the case?


The best thing about Spandana Palli is that she knows Telugu, as someone from a half-Telugu cultural background. Although her dubbing makes her performance feel like an import from an Aha Video web show, her body language emits vulnerability where required. Vamsi Kotu, who comes across somewhat like Ajmal Amir (recently seen in 'Mangalavaaram'), is good in the role of an inquisitive cop. Yug Raam gets to emote contrasting shades, keeping the audience guessing about his motives.

The film could have done well had the character artists been chosen with caution. None of them make it appear like they are in a serious-minded movie.

Technical Departments:

Saravana Vasudevan’s background music is average. This would have worked in an era when the Telugu audience were spellbound by a pretty mediocre thriller like 'A Film By Aravind'. Shrie Saikumaar’s cinematography is decent.

Editor Srikanth Patnaik had his task cut out, as the narrative kept questioning the assumptions of the audience. The viewer's expectations and conclusions are undermined subtly. The placement of red herrings and the sequencing of events has been done well by the Editor, who never confuses the audience.


No forced twists and turns.

The narration doesn't confuse the audience with the intent of showing off intelligence.

Making the prime suspect, Rupa, a cop. This lends the film an element of intrigue.

The second half is laced with a few gripping scenes that make us delve into a crucial psychological issue.

The use of terms like 'One-night stand' is not meant for cheap laughs in the movie. They make sense in the larger scheme of things.


The interrogation scenes could have come with realism. The actors were asked to over-react at times.

The running time would have been greater had the intent been to explore the central conceit in a more dramatic fashion.

Vox Verdict:

'The Trial' takes off as an edgy husband-wife story, evolves into a crime thriller and a minor study of a particular kind of mindset. It's a decent outing despite some of its not-so-clever screenplay choices.

Rating: 3 / 5

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