Movie Review Nachinavadu: All for empathy, emotional intelligence

'Nachinavadu', produced by Laxman Chinna and Venkata Ratnam, hit the screens today (September 22). A rom-com with a sentimental conflict plot point, the film stars mostly new faces.


Anand (Laxman Chinna) works for a corporate company. While he is an eligible bachelor whom his parents want to marry off at the earliest, he believes that he shouldn't go for an arranged marriage. Anand is on a constant hunt for that one woman who can touch his heart.

He crosses paths with a young female professional named Anu (Kavya Ramesh). It is love at first sight for him. He follows her, woos her and they eventually become travel buddies. Just when Anand thinks of confessing his love to Anu, he comes to know something shocking about her.

How do Anand and Anu make peace with themselves and each other? Is there some other character who has a stake in their future? That's what the second half is about.


Laxman Chinna is not only the film's lead man but is also its writer, director and producer. He is able in the serious scenes. The budding lead actor would have been better had the brand of humour suited his talent. Kavya Ramesh looks beautiful and proves her capability when it comes to dramatizing the emotional scenes. Darshan and others are seen in different roles.

'Nachinavadu' doesn't feature popular character and supporting artists for the sake of it. Since it is essentially a love story where the lead pair has to resolve their differences amicably, it helps that unfamiliar faces have been cast as the parents of the primary characters.

Technical Departments:

Mejjo Josseph's music is decent. Just because the lead pair are not stars, he doesn't give them a raw deal. The songs are both situational as well as generic. Anirudh's cinematography is decent. The budget constraints that every small film faces are there. And that's why the visual quality of the movie takes a beating, especially when it comes to the indoor scenes. The dance choreography has been done by Arya Rajveer.


The element of a woman's agency and autonomy to make her own life choices.

Dealing with a sensitive issue in the climax. What can a man tell a woman in private? What can't he tell? The issue has been treated in a bona fide manner.

The absence of melodrama.

Some scenes involving the lead pair.

The workplace banter and romance.


The scenes in the first 15-20 minutes of the second half are forced.

The excessive focus on the male lead's hunt for the right partner in the first act.

Vox Verdict:

'Nachinavadu' is a well-meaning film that avoids needless teary moments. The theme of being empathetic in a relationship is highlighted without much fuss.

Rating: 2.75/5


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