Review: Ahimsa

Mind-blowingly outdated!

Not many would want to believe that 'Ahimsa' marks the debut of a Daggubati family member. The film has been released in theatres apparently to cater to the audience living in 2023, although the film itself lives in a bygone era. Here is our review:


Raghu and Ahalya are a 'bava-maradalu' in a village. The former abides by non-violence, as WhatsApp told him Lord Buddha brought peace to India. When Ahalya meets with a savage fate, Raghu decides to fight for justice legally, ethically and morally. But his legitimate moves are undone by the harsh reality of brutalization at the hands of powerful men. Raghu now takes to violence. The consequences of this decision are severe.


Debutant Abhiram gets a raw deal. In the initial 40 minutes, he doesn't get to speak much. Later, too, he is a supporting artist. Such is his character. In the second hour, he becomes the actual protagonist but his character suffers from the chaotic proceedings. As a result, he is lost in the din.

Geethika Tiwary doesn't match the talent of Teja's early introductions like Sadah. Rajat Bedi as Dhanalakshmi Dushyant Rao has more letters in his name than in his generic characterization. Ravi Kale and Kamal Kamaraju are seen as cops. Manoj Tiger as Chatterjee is seen walking with a stick throughout the village. Devi Prasad has a role as the heroine's family member.

Technical Departments

The songs have been done by RP Patnaik. 'Neethone' is the only one that counts. The item song is hilariously boring. Anup Rubens' background score is amateurish. Sameer Reddy's cinematography is shockingly dull. BV Ramana and Real Sathish mount the climax fight (the first one is an action director) with no taste or clarity of thought.


Neethone song.

Evoking sympathy for the male lead.

A few old-school elements like pure love devoid of expectations and conditions.


A primitive-era revenge formula.

The tasteless portrayal of the bad guys. One of them is always chasing, while another one is seen screaming at the top of his voice.

The court scenes are devoid of an understanding of how trials are conducted.

The Lomdi gang track.

An outlandish attempt at comedy in a few scenes.

The overlong second half barely makes an impression.

Vox Verdict

'Ahimsa' narrates a plain revenge story. The cat-and-mouse game is bereft of creativity. It's all 'ahimsa' in letter, 'himsa' in spirit, and hyper-'himsa' in a metaphorical sense.

Rating: 1.5

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