Netizens call out Owaisi's hypocrisy over 'Muslim woman as India's PM'

In a recent interview, Hyderabad MP Asaduddin Owaisi opined that he wants to see a Hijab-wearing Muslim woman to lead the country. "When a hijab-wearing woman can attend law universities, when a hijab-wearing woman can attend the best medical universities, why can't a hijab-wearing woman become the Prime Minister of India?" he asked in an interview. The interviewer shot back at Owaisi and asked him if AIMIM is nurturing women leadership within the party. "Yes, female participation is on the rise in our party. Women are participating at the ward level," he said.

Netizens, however, are pointing out Owaisi's alleged hypocrisy. In the past, senior journalist Rajdeep Sardesai happened to share an interesting anecdote involving Owaisi. When the journo wanted to see Owaisi's wife to thank her for the tasty food served at their house, the AIMIM chief refused to call his wife over. "How can such a man, who didn't want a celebrity journalist to see his wife, say that he wants a Muslim woman to lead the country?" a social media user asked.

Owaisi is a 4-time MP of Hyderabad. He is poised to win for the fifth time in a row by defeating BJP's Madhavi Latha Kompella this time.

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