Kamineni Doctors successfully remove a mutton bone stuck near patients heart

In a remarkable medical achievement, doctors at LB Nagar Kamineni Hospital successfully removed a mutton bone lodged in the esophagus of a 66-year-old patient.

The bone had been causing severe complications for over a month, including esophageal ulcers. This complex procedure was performed endoscopically by Dr Radhika Nittala, avoiding the need for major surgery.

Sriramulu, a resident of Kakkiren village in Yadadri Bhuvanagiri district, faced this situation due to his inability to chew food properly, as he lacks jaw teeth. While attending a marriage, he consumed mutton, inadvertently swallowing a 3.5-centimeter long bone. Initially experiencing chest pain a few days later, Sriramulu sought medical advice from doctors.

Dr. Radhika Nittala detailed the intricacies of the case: “Sriramulu's condition was severe due to the prolonged presence of the impacted bone, which had pierced the esophageal wall very close the heart, causing ulcers. The bone's proximity to the pericardium required meticulous handling during the endoscopic procedure to avoid further complications i.e. perforation.”

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