Mohan Babu warns of legal action against unnamed individuals

Today, Dr. Mohan Babu expressed his concerns regarding the exploitation of his name by certain individuals in the realm of politics. The veteran actor, who has previously been involved in politics, emphasized that his name should not be leveraged by any individual associated with any political party for their personal gain.

"I kindly ask any party not to exploit my name for their own agendas. In our diverse world, individuals hold varying beliefs and emotions, and they are entitled to their personal choices and opinions. Our priority should lie in helping others whenever feasible. Involving unrelated individuals in political parties and their affiliates causes distress," he added.

Mohan Babu ended the message by warning offenders of legal action if they use his name without his consent for political purposes.

The senior actor is currently producing 'Kannappa', which stars Vishnu Manchu in the lead.

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