Telangana Elections: 469 Cr seized, 11859 FIRs

Telangana elections have hit the top gear with the counting to commence in under 24 hours from now. Here is a look back at the bad side of the election campaigning regarding illegal cash movement and distribution of freebie money.

The Telangana CID has now issued a new media communication regarding the numbers pertaining to the seized cash and the FIRs that were filed.

Assembly Elections-2023 seizures by Telangana Police

From 9th October to 1st December 23 6AM Police seized cash, Gold/Silver, Liquor, Drugs, Freebies worth 469. 63 Crores

Total 11859 FIRs related to seizure

Cash Rs 241.52 crores - 241 FIRs
Gold and Silver worth 175.95 crores - FIRs 5
Liquor worth - 13.36 Crores - 11195 FIRs
Drugs - 22.17 Crores - 323 FIRs
Freebies - 16.63 Crores - 95 FIRs

When compared to last election, this year's cash seizure is much bigger and this implies that there was a whole lot of usage of restricted influences in this year's election campaign.

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