KCR is in touch with Congress candidates: Karnataka Deputy CM

Karnataka Deputy Chief Minister DK Shivakumar today claimed that Telangana CM K Chandrasekhar Rao has been in touch with some of the candidates belonging to the Congress party. This comes in the wake of most Exit Polls predicting a comfortable Congress win in the Telangana Assembly elections.

"There is no problem, no threat. We have confidence that our party will win comfortably. We know that they (TRS) are trying to trap us. Our candidates have informed us that they have been approached by CM KCR himself," DK today said.

It seems the TRS leadership believes that the Congress party will fall short of a simple majority by a whisker. This possibility was considered by noted pollster Pradeep Gupta of Axis My India during an India Today panel discussion.

In such a case, the TRS will want to get support from the MIM and possibly send overtures to the BJP to prevent the Congress from coming to power. Some MLAs of the Congress party might also be attracted in such a case.

Things will become clear by the afternoon of Sunday. If it is a cliffhanger, Telangana is in for a few days of political suspense.

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