TS Polls: BJP has a strange promise

Telangana elections season has well and truly caught up as the leading political parties in the state have started to prepare for the same through their intense political campaign and election management.

Coming to the topic, BJP has now made a strange and unusual promise to the voters of Telangana and this has caught the attention all over as it has a heavy Hindu-centric vibe.

The promise by the BJP in Telangana is that once the party is voted to power in the state, every citizen of Telangana will get a fully covered trip to the Ayodhya Mandir that is under construction now.

This is a strange and unexpected promise from the BJP Telangana wing as there are a lot of logistical aspects involved and more importantly, this has an overwhelming Hindutva vibe and could also trigger other community voters.

It is know that the Ram Mandir in Ayodya is one of the most prestigious implementations of the BJP-led central government and they have now gotten it involved in the Telangana elections.

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