Revanth: THAT is the reason why I call KCR as 'Sannasi'

Revanth Reddy has been one of the fierce leaders of the Congress party for many years now. He is serving as the TPCC chief now and is leading the election campaign of the Congress party.

As a part of the promotional campaign, Revanth sat down for an interview with ABN Radhakrishna and he was asked a set of interesting questions at the same.

ABN RK asked Revanth "Do you think it is right for you to call a veteran like KCR ugly names like Sannasi and all. What is your take on the abusive comments you make on KCR?".

Revanth replied "The age gap between me and KCR is same is me and KTR. But this KTR calls me vadu, veedu, vedhava, broker, and others. If what KTR doing is right, then me calling KCR a sannasi is also perfectly alright. My comments on KCR are aggressive as I want them to hit the right people at the right place. There is no regret on it."

Revanth added that he is ready to take on KCR and KTR at once and vows to teach them a worthy lesson in the coming election. He backed up his aggressive comments on KCR and other BRS top brass.

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