Big Twist: Sharmila says YSRTP will not contest TS polls

YSRTP chief YS Sharmila has been changing her mind constantly about the election campaign in Telangana. At first, she held an elaborate Padayatra across the length of Telangana and vowed to contest in all 119 constituencies in the state.

And then, she contemplated the merger with Congress party. But for some reason, she backed out from this proposition as well. And again announced that YSTRP will contest 119 seats in Telangana.

But cut to now, just a few weeks before the elections, Sharmila has announced that she is not contesting in the election. She has stated "Congress is a mother force for all of us. Dividing their vote bank will not reflect well on our side. So YSTRP has decided not to contest in the elections. We are announcing our support to the Congress party in the coming elections."

Sharmila went on to add "Our full support will be for Congress. If KCR comes to power again, Telangana will go to shed and in order to stop this from happening, I have decided to step down from the polls in Telangana. I urge the people of Telangana to vote for the Congress party."

This comes as a big twist in the political landscape in Telangana just 4 weeks before the polls. With Sharmila and TDP backing out in the last minute, the main clash in Telangana will be between BRS, BJP, and Congress.

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