Rahul Gandhi vs BJP: Will this term see historic clashes in Parliament?

Rahul Gandhi's speech on Monday in Lok Sabha has been the biggest talking point in New Delhi's political corridors. Commentators say that he did give enough indications that, as the Leader of the Opposition, he is going to take the BJP to the cleaners at every turn.

On the other hand, PM Narendra Modi gave a strong rebuttal on Tuesday and Wednesday. Addressing the Lok Sabha yesterday, the PM called RaGa childish. He also said that Congress is a parasitic party. The PM went on to warn the Congress ecosystem, saying that it will be taught a lesson in its own language.

While RaGa wants the Modi government to look weak after the BJP's reduced strength this election season, Modi doesn't want to sound defeated. Today, he said that his government is indeed a 1/3rd government. "A Congress leader recently taunted that our government is a 1/3rd government (because the BJP has no majority in Lok Sabha). He is right. We have completed only 10 years (the BJP came to power in 2014) and we have 20 years more to go. I thank him for the prediction," Modi said.

It looks like this is just the beginning. The BJP and RaGa are going to have a blast with epic clashes in the coming years.