Reasi bus attack: Bollywood celebs' hypocrisy called out

'All Eyes On Rafah' was a massive trend recently. The social media trend symbolized the "global call to not ignore the suffering in Gaza's southernmost city of Rafah". Bollywood celebrities joined it.

However, the same set of celebs are now silent when a terror attack has taken place in India. The recent Reasi bus attack, which took place even as the new government was being formed in New Delhi, should have ideally evoked massive outrage from Bollywood.

Netizens are calling out the Hindi cinema industry for turning a "blind eye". "These celebs react to incidents that happen thousands of kilometers away, but don't utter a word when Hindus are the victims of terorrism," a social media user said. "Bollywood must hire voice artists for dubbing as celebrities suddenly lose their ability to speak after J&K terror attack," wrote The Fauxy, a parody handle.

That said, the situation is now better than it was in the pre-social media age. After years of incessant trolling by ordinary people, Bollywood has certainly lost much of its willpower to openly practise dishonesty, fearing backlash in the form of boycott calls.