Sunil Kanugolu's success making Prashant Kishor a dull strategist

Sunil Kanugolu, the election strategist, shot to fame in the last couple of years after his election strategies yielded terrific dividends for Congress party in the Assembly elections of Karnataka and Telangana. There is a theory that his success has made Prashanth Kishor irrelevant for the Congress party.

PK has been trying to get into the good books of Rahul Gandhi. However, he has failed to do so. In the last few days, PK has been on an interview-giving spree. In each interview, he tries to say that the Congress party lacks a strategy that can help it wrest power from the BJP. Commenting on the fallout, journalist Rohini singh says, "Basically, after Kanugolu delivered Telangana and Karnataka for the Congress without making it about himself and without doing multiple interviews, PK knows he can never return to the Congress."

There is a theory that PK is actually a covert BJP agent! "Whenever he gives interviews to the pro-BJP media, he doesn't criticize Modi. Rather, he questions Congress and its leaders. He was in touch with Congress' top brass a few years ago. The negotiations, however, didn't succeed. From then on, he has been critical of the Opposition party. Whenever things are perceived to be positive for Congress, the pro-BJP media interviews him to let him talk negatively about Congress," wrote Riyaz, a pro-Congress social media handle.