Congress' poll strategist himself gives it just 65 Lok Sabha seats

Naresh Arora, the founder of Design Boxed, which is a political digital campaign management company, has been associated with the Congress party's electioneering on some level. Although he has been critical of the Congress party's "failure to focus on livelihood issues", it can be said that his team has been engaged in helping out Rahul Gandhi's campaign over the years.

In his latest interview, Arora predicted that the Congress party won't win more than 65 Lok Sabha seats this time. He added that the BJP's organizational strength is strong enough and that the woman voter is not angry with Prime Minister Narendra Modi (despite inflation).

While Arora is not a celebrated pollster like Pradeep Gupta of Axis My India or a sought-after strategist like Prashant Kishor, it is instructive that he has given up on the Congress party after four phases of elections despite his ongoing association with the Opposition party.

However, analyses of this sort have to be taken with a pinch of salt. These predictions are based on predictive data and don't take into account the impact of campaigning and media-created perceptions on fence-sitting voters.