Rashmika Mandanna's election-time 'Ad' stokes controversy

Rashmika Mandanna yesterday put out a video wherein she was seen expressing delight over Atal Setu, the prestigious project in Mumbai. "South India to North India. West India to East India. Connecting people, connecting hearts," she wrote. Her social media post was also acknowledged by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. At the time of writing, Rashmika's tweet has garnered 4.1 million views.

The 'Pushpa' actress has been accused of participating in indirect or surrogate election 'Ad'. "Are such ads paid for? Should surrogate ads be declared as ads? Happened a lot during Telangana elections too," wrote journalist Dhanya Rajendran, posing a direct question to the Election Commission of India.

Rashmika is suspected to have done the Ad for the BJP without invoking the party's name. It must be seen whether the ECI will question the 'Sita Ramam' actress or not.

'Pushpa 2' is her biggest release of the year. The Allu Arjun-Sukumar biggie will hit the screens on August 15. Its second song is going to drop soon, Mythri Movie Makers and Sukumar Writings have suggested.