Electoral Bonds Scam: Modi Shares His Version

Electoral bonds are suspected to be a huge anonymous passage in the Indian political space as it was unearthed that companies and individuals donated hundreds or even thousands of crores to political parties over the last 5 years.

After the details of these transactions came out, there was a huge uproar about the nature of the transactions as it was identified that leading parties had amassed hundreds of crores through these anonymous donations.

However, Prime Minister Modi has now shared his version on the electoral bonds program and he has an interesting argument to make.

"People who are protesting against the Electoral Bonds will soon regret it. Before 2014, there was no trail of the funds given to political parties during elections. Thanks to Electoral Bonds, we can now trace the source of funding. Nothing is perfect, imperfections can be addressed." Modi commented on the matter.

For whatever reason, electoral bonds at least had an iota of credibility as the details of the transactions were at least traceable. Without this, the emergence of black money donations could create a new hassle.